Monday, February 7, 2011

Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy

What the "Fuch?" was my reaction two weeks ago.  Fuch's Dystrophy is an inherited recessive gene from one or both of my parents. Since my parents are dead, I don't know which one gave it to me! And they might not have actively had the dystrophy.

In any event, it affects the backs of the corneas causing the cells to die.  I have the disease in both eyes.  The only "cure" for this is corneal transplant surgery.  The only question now is when will I have the surgery?  That answer I hope to know shortly when I visit the cornea specialist.  My eyes could stay the way the are for several years or I could wake up tomorrow morning and be blind. 

For those who know how much I love to cook, I'd rather not be blind, thank you!  Books on tape doesn't exactly trip my trigger either, but I could adjust to it.  But not cooking???  Perish the thought!

Any prayer lists or prayers you can send my way would be most appreciated.  Patience is NOT one of my virtues.  I'd like to have the surgery and get it over with quickly.

I've written about my chaplain days as a certified tissue/organ requestor.  It's something that I have always felt very strongly about when the time to shuffle off Mother Earth occurs. Now it's become a personal issue.  As the bumper sticker on one of my cars says: "Please don't take your organs to Heaven.  Heaven knows we can use them here."