Friday, September 25, 2009

Homosexuality 'not in your DNA,' says LDS leader

Just when I "think" I've read it all, another "religious" comes along with more clap-trap.  Meanwhile Jesus does not address this issue in the New Testament.  IF folks would actually follow Christ's teachings,  what an amazing world we would live in and the love we could share with our brothers and sisters! Elder Bruce C. Hafen would do well to become better informed before he gets on his soap box again!

My friend, Larry says it best: "My point is that even if it WAS a choice - it's a legitimate choice that doesn't require the excuse of "can't help it" which implies it's some kind of disability..."we have to be more accepting, they can't help it, you know, they were born that way..." It's time to move beyond that thinking and say, "It doesn't matter, we accept a diverse expression of human sexuality - get over it!"

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the quote! Can I order some pie and ice cream by the way? I was hoping for some blueberry pie with french vanilla ice cream, please.