Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Two Cents Worth has moved to this location. I know that the world needs at least one more person opining and/or whinning. Hopefully, we can share a few laughs here.

However, today I'm not laughing. I got a speeding ticket on our way home from church. Never mind the fact that I didn't realize I was speeding. Ah... but you know, "ignorance is no excuse" etc. Mind you I haven't had a ticket in YEARS!! But no, El Paso County Sheriff saw fit to write me up. OK. I understand. I was wrong. But I nearly stroked when he handed me the ticket. $177 and 4 points!!!!! Good Lord almighty!!!! The cost and points have sure gone WAY up since my last ticket. If I pay the ticket within 20 days, 2 points are reduced or I can go to court. So I have to decided what to do. Should I TRY to throw myself on the mercy of the court or just suck it up and pay the ticket and take the 2 points?


  1. I'm lucky to have friends in high places. I've gotten only two tickets so far and was lucky enough to have both of them, er, fixed.


    I'm sorry, Joan. That sucks.

  2. Sure taught my lead foot a lesson!

  3. I got one years ago for going thru a stop sign. It was a setup that nabbed lots of people who were alone. My neighbor finally sued them and both the jp and cop left town. No problems since.