Thursday, February 19, 2009

Octuplet Mom & the Babies

While cooking dinner this evening, I watched the Dr. Phil Show about the octuplet mom and her babies.

I am not opposed to in vitro. I know several couples who have used this method and now have or will have beautful children as a result. But WHAT the heck was that doctor thinking implanting 8 eggs??? Obviously he had his head clearly NOT on his shoulders! Knowing the patient and her history, he put 9 lives at risk. What medical difficulties will these babies face because of their premature birth? What about the financial well being of these children? If "mom" doesn't have enough brains to realize that she already has 6 children and some with medical issues, you would think that the physician would have a brain?? Or does that come under the category of requiring common sense? Did he sleep through his oath of "doing no harm?" Or was it just a case of his ego pulling off octuplets? In any event, I would like to see him out of in vitro medical care.

As for "mom," she doesn't quality as a fit mother according to my definition. But I'll let others opine about her.

God bless the babies and the children for they are innocent ones here.

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