Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Birds

The birds have returned to San Jaun Capistrano or more accurately to my front porch! Every spring the black birds arrive to have their babies. I'm all for apple pie, moms, and baby birds. Just not at my front door! The momma bird set up a nest over the light fixture next to the front door. Unfortunately, she's a very sloppy nest maker! I don't appreciate being dive bombed upon entering and leaving my home and the little gifts that she leaves behind.

The front door is the only entry into our house. Every flippin spring without fail those damn birds find my light fixture to make their nests. I don't even mind the nests, just not at the front door! The birds came make nests over the garage door light fixtures, the eaves, ANYWHERE, but the front door.

So begins the Battle of the Birds. I knock down the nests and they rebuild. I knock them down again, they rebuild and so on and so on. I only knock down nests that don't have eggs in them. If momma beats me to the nest first and drops the younguns, they stay until they can fly away and no longer need/want the nest.

Why my house??? None of my neighbors have this problem! The birds must know that we have cats and their favorite place is the bay window for their suntans and naps. The birds know the cats can't get them. The cats go crazy trying to get to the birds and so on and so on!


  1. I have bluebirds in the front yard house. Yea. I wish they were as close as your blackbirds. Can't you put a little cage over the light?

  2. I was thinking the same thing .... a little cage! They come to your house because they know you are a kind and loving person. You've been given a gift .. rejoice and be glad.

    Br. John

  3. I don't know how I would attach a cage to the bricks. I think the birds would just make a nest over the cage anyhow.

    Interesting, Br. John! I didn't think of the birds as a gift. I haven't knocked down the nest. Maybe I'll just leave it all alone.

  4. We had a robin make a nest over our speakers on the deck one year. The next year we set something (don't recall what it was - maybe something kind of pyramid-shaped, but almost anything would work!) so they couldn't build there. They never came back to that spot again.

    Last year while in Washington, DC, we kept having to clean nest-makings out of the hitch on our 5th wheel! Mama bird wanted to nest there, and we didn't want to bring her babies all the way back to Oregon!

    They *are* a gift, as Br. John says, but no fun when they're dive-bombing you!