Thursday, April 16, 2009

Springtime in the Rockies

If you ask me to name my favorite season, I would say "Autumn." However lately I think it's Spring. But only Spring in the Rockies!

Easter Sunday was a great example. We woke up to heavy snow. OK... that's the norm for Colorado Springs. We're more likely to have a White Easter then a White Christmas. As we gathered at church, most folks were saying "Merry Christmas!" Then during the service the snow changed to rain. Pouring rain. By the time we left church, just cloudy skies. By late afternoon, the sun made an appearance!
The weather in Colorado just fascinates me! From my back deck, I can see the weather changing and coming in long before it hits my house.

The weather forecasters really earn their pay during this season. Trying to keep up with the ever changing weather patterns is a nightmare with Colorado's terrain. Yet our local weather gurus do a really great job. No small feat here.

Today is a beautiful, warm, and sunny day. Tomorrow?? SNOW!!
I just love Springtime in the Rockies. Wait five minutes and the weather will change!

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