Thursday, July 30, 2009


I never cease to be amazed about the distortions for President Obama's healthcare plan! The insurance industry will say anything and do anything to protect their golden calf. Nevermind the injustice of the lack of proper healthcare in a nation as wealthy as ours.

Hospital emergency departments have become "family practice clinics" for the uninsured and underinsured. By the time many patients arrive in the ED, their medical condition has advanced to such a stage that long term recovery is required... that's if they don't die first!

We treat our pets with more humane medical care then we provide to our people. Something's wrong with this picture! Healthcare coverage for ALL our citizens is LONG overdue! Congress needs to get the legislation passed IMMEDIATELY!


  1. Right on, Joan! When will this country wake up? Health care is a necessity, unless we want taxes/insurance premiums/medical costs to keep spiraling! I'm quite frankly all for a single-payor system. Despite the attempted scare tactics, Canada does quite well.

  2. Yes indeed. Canada does do it well. Is it a perfect system? NO. There is no perfect system. However, we need a single payor system NOW!

  3. Did you see where Palin was now calling Pres Obama's health care reform 'evil'?

  4. I agree with you Joan .... NO, we don't have a perfect system, far from it but it does work for everybody. We all get the same treatment, the same wait times and the same frustrations, but we get it equally. Those who have the bucks go to the States or Mexico for surgery. More power to them, it clears up some wait time here. The Government does not tell us what doctors we can see or not see. Our family physicians do the referrels to specialists and they usually shop around to get you in as quickly as possible so nobody gets to jump the que because of money.