Monday, July 13, 2009

Dog & Pony Show

The Judge Sonia Sotomayor "dog and pony show" is playing out in living color on Capitol Hill! When the senators stop their 10 minutes of grandstanding, maybe I can finally watch the hearings. Puffed up pompous ass senators spouting their blow hard crap is too much too take especially on a Monday!! Now back to your regularly scheduled program...


  1. You crack me up! They all have to have their say, even when they're saying the same damned thing!

  2. OMG ... I thought I was the only one who thought these posturing yackasses were full of themselves. Personally I don't see why anyone would want to submit themselves to such humiliation by these self serving wannabe's who's only agenda is to advance their political careers and religious views.

  3. You've got to have one heck of a strong ego to put up with Senate Confirmation Hearings! Thank God, some people are willing to go through hell for these positions. Sometimes the whole confirmation process is just a bunch of bullshit in my not so humble opinion!!