Monday, June 14, 2010


I was sworn into office prior to last month's meeting on May 27th.  Now... every politico regardless of office hopes to have a dignified swearing in ceremony.  After all, I was swearing to defend the Colorado and US Constitutions!  Dignified... nope not for me! 

On May 24th I was admitted to the hospital with facial cellulitis as a result of a staph infection that I picked up somewhere.  So... one of our directors came to my hospital room to swear me in lying in those beautiful hospital gowns and with a blown up face that could stop an 8-day clock! Thanks be to God, there are NO pictures. However, I did "attend" my first meeting via telephone conference so all was not lost.

Here's my first "official" photog... a ground breaking ceremony for a new waste treatment facility.  Ah... I've hit the big time!


  1. You should have been holding one of the shovels! How come only the guys got them? No fair!

  2. LOL!!! I did tell our district manager that I planned to be using that shovel a lot during the next 4 years!!