Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am also posting this prayer request on my blog as well as A/E and Facebook. Thanks so much for your prayers. Joan

Joan, I'm having computer problems with limited access right now, so would ask a favor of you if you don't mind.My daughter-in-law has gone on bed rest for the next two weeks. She is pregnant with my granddaughter and is due July 3. However, they are now talking about taking the baby as early as June 20. She has been small all along - in the 37th percentile - but her growth has dropped off. She is growing symmetrically, just very small.

Obviously, this is hard on all of us, so would you please post a prayer request on the Episcopal/Anglican Board for me? My computer will be out for repairs for a few days and I am working on a clunker until it comes back.

Thank you, my friend.


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