Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I Come to the Altar of God

With thanks to Brother John for fowarding this to me.
From the Pentecost Edition of The Anglican Digest.

Why I Come to the Altar of God

I come, not because I am worthy, but because I have sinned and fallen short of what, by God’s help, I might have been.

I Come, not that there is magic in partaking of Christ’s body and blood, but because of the Lord’s commend, “Do this for the remembrance.”

I come, because Christ bids me come. It is His table and He invites me.

I come, because here is portrayed the sacrifice of my Lord who gave Himself for me.

I come, because I find myself drawn closer to God, the Christ of Calvary, and to those who kneel with me at Holy Communion. Yes, I am made to feel my kinship to all those everywhere who proclaim Christ as Saviour.

I come, because I rise from the Lord’s Table with a new strength, courage, and power to live for Him who died for me.

- Cathedral of St. Paul, Fond du Lac

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