Saturday, March 7, 2009


Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight if you are plagued by Dayling Savings Time! I remember when DST went from about May to September. Then the "powers that be" started extending the hours. Now we go from March to November. I ask you? WHY not just leave the clocks alone???? Push it forward and leave it there. It's just about year round now.

I have a friend who grew up on his family farm. He said DST didn't make a darn bit of difference to them. They simply worked from sun up to sun down regardless of what the clock said. In fact he noted, the cows hated DST. Cows obviously don't wear watches. They just know what time they are supposed to be milked. Waiting an extra hour did not make for contented cows! So they would have to gradual change the cows to the new hours. It was crazy.

Just as crazy as changing our clocks now. I know folks enjoy the extra light in the evening. But what about getting up in the dark and having to send children to school in the dark? Years ago when DST was started earlier, parents around the country raised hell about having their children at bus stops in the dark for safety reasons. Don't we care about the kids' safety today?

Then there are those who tout that it lowers energy costs. OK... I'm not a rocket scientist, but aren't you just exchanging the evening usage to morning usage? How does this lower the usage? I hope someone can enlighten me because obviously, I don't "get it!"


  1. As our senior warden said Wednesday night, why not set the clocks ahead one half hour and forget changing forever?

  2. It works for me!! On tonight's NBC News was a report of this very subject which showed that when all of Indiana went to DST, electrical usage shot UP!! Seems folks were using more electricity by turning up the AC in the afternoon/evenings & turning up the heat in the mornings!!