Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning Bug

The Spring Cleaning Bug hit today! Two days of 70+ weather and sunshine got me going. Our house is small. The main floor has the kitchen, dinette area and living room.

The dinette area which realtors here call a "dining room," isn't! For some strange reason, dining rooms are really tiny in Colorado homes. At least those homes built after the 1960's unless you have a custom home. Our "dining room" can only seat 6 people with relative comfort. So last year, I repurposed the space! While Chuck was out of town at his mother's, the dining room became my reading nook. Loveseat, coffee table, lamps, plants, etc. You get the idea. My very OWN space to read, sew, etc. I just love it.

That meant moving the dining room table into the living room area. The arrangement works much better especially when the table is extended. The rest of the living room had book cases, TV, coffee table, end tables & lamps. Today I flipped the furniture around. Now there is a defined TV viewing area with loveseat, coffee table, lamp, end table, etc. On the other side of the room is our round dining table with 4 chairs.

By changing the furniture, I now have two nook areas in the house... mine & Chuck's. He loves it. It's really cozy and so comfortable. We each have our own spaces with visitng rights to each other's space! That should do it with the spring cleaning bug for awhile!


  1. Dear God, woman, where do you find this energy? Do you have any to spare to send to me? ;-)

    Sounds like you're happy and content in your newfound cozy spot. I'm glad!

  2. Believe me, I slept well last night!! One of the advantages to hard wood floors is that moving furniture is a snap! Having a clean, comfy and cozy nest brings me a great deal of satisfaction and peace.